STAY AWAY from 210 Motorsports

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STAY AWAY from this "shop" unless you want to pay a whole lot of money and wait for 6 months or more for a destroyed vehicle. We took a vehicle there January 2, and today is May 27....and all they have done is take it apart, trash the interior, mask and attempt to prime it.

Then it got pushed outside and left for months with the windows down. Everytime when they finally answer the phone, they promise it will be finished in a few days, but is never touched.

Attached are pics of what they have done to it.

I would love to get in touch with others that have had the same experience and get the network investigative reports department to do a story on them. They are crooks!!

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #1193513

he kept my transmission. and my money for partial labor.

u can count me in to hold him responsible 830-213-1937. contact me

Please Read All These Reviews - 210 Motorsports is the Worst!

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If you want to save a bunch of heartache please stay away from this shop! Every day I drive by and am completely surprised that the "manager", Vincent is still in business and people continue to go there. He's had the same exact cars in front of his shop for months!

Please believe me that no matter how nice he acts, Vincent takes advantage of his customers. This guy is aggressive once he has stolen your money for a job that he will never complete. I spent the better part of a year trying to get my truck fixed and thousands of promises later, my nice truck was hacked and never the same.

Your time would be better spent picking some random crazy person off the street and asking him/her to fix your car!

Stay far away!!!

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Let me know if you would be interested in getting the media involved. We are about to talk to KENS, KSAT, WOAI and anyone else that wants to do a prime-time story on this "shop".

to Anonymous San Antonio, Texas, United States #1214505

Count me in, Javier Diaz 210 618 1529.

my truck was there for 3 and a half months after being promised 10 buisness days. And it looks like ***!

I have to take it and get it repainted somewhere else of course. This guy should not be in this or any other type of buisness.


San Antonio, Texas 1 comment




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Let me know if you would be interested in getting the media involved. We are about to talk to KENS, KSAT, WOAI and anyone else that wants to do a prime-time story on this "shop".

210 Motorsports - I have worked for him for the last month

San Antonio, Texas 3 comments
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The first day that I worked for him he gave me 70.00 because I told him I could make at least that much at a day-labor job. I worked sometimes,7 days a week with this man.

AND HE JUST DOESNT WANT TO PAY HIS EMPLOYEES. When customers come looking for him he hides in his office, And sends his secretary/girlfriend out to deal with them. I offered him the best deal I could to help him get his shop back on its feet. I told him that I would work for 250.00 a week for 3 mos.

He told me that I would make more doing piece-work, HE LIED, he doesn't even want to pay that. He gave me 100.00 of a job that was 900.00.

I have been paid a total of 290.00 for a months worth of work. THE MAN IS A CROOK

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of real nightmare. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "that i could only choose one issue" of 210 motorsports work experience and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1000. 210 Motorsports needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Let me know if you would be interested in getting the media involved. We are about to talk to KENS, KSAT, WOAI and anyone else that wants to do a prime-time story on this "shop".

to Anonymous San Antonio, Texas, United States #1265248



Yeah as a customer of this place my wife and I are VERY dissapointed. He has had my wife's ambulance since January and it's not even half complete. The battery was even stolen out of it while its been sitting at his "shop", and my wife had to pay for another one.

210 Motorsports - Review from Paramount, California

Paramount, California 1 comment
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My daughter's vehicle has been in this shop since January 7, 2015. I paid $1,127.85 on the above date.

The following month Vincent gave different time frames that it would be ready for pick-up. One week it would be 2-3 days, two weeks later it would be 4 days, always different time frames.

On June 16, 2015, my daughter called to see when the vehicle would be ready for pickup, Vincent told her that he needed $600.00 cash that day because his credit/debit card reader wasn't working. So, i took $600.00 in cash and I gave it to Vincent.

Vincent said the vehicle would be ready in 3-5 days. A month passed, then my daughter and I spoke to Vincent.

Vincent said he ran short on cash and 20 cars. got in front of my daughter's vehicle. I do not believe Vincent at all. My husband passed away this February. I am 81 years old and I do not need this aggravation and stress!

My daughter's vehicle has been in this shop over 7 months.

Nita Goode

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Sound typical on the way this crook conducts business. How is he not behind bars yet?

210 Motorsports - Vehicle Repair Review from Sparks, Texas

Sparks, Texas 3 comments

My vehicle has been there 6 months and was told on March 10 that it would be done by the end of the week. Before that there was it was payment issues now a month later it's still not fixed and supposedly another payment with the last payment is not going through. Many many unreturned phone calls and a few visits I'm ready to go to the media.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #972680

Just got my vehicle back yesterday 4/15 after they took 6 weeks for a 4 day job! Same issues here, lie after lie and their work was amateur at best.

I had them do some collision repair and paint.

The paint job they did was terrible. I will join the media crusade.This crook needs to be exposed!

to Anonymous #1165353

Same here. this crook has strung us along for 6 months and still nothing.

The sad part is if we went to get the vehicle it is destroyed.

They tossed old tires in the back, left the windows down in all of the rain that we have had, and all the lights and trim is removed with a terrible primer job with old weathered masking tape all over it. I will definitely get involved with the media also.

to Anonymous New Braunfels, Texas, United States #1219808

My wife emailed The Troubleshooters today about this crook. are you still wanting to be part of a story on them?

210 Motorsports - Review from Millville, New Jersey

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Update by user Nov 08, 2014

Just wanted to add this business is 210 Motorsports of San Antonio, Tx located on Perrin Beitel. The owners name is Vincent Owns.

Original review posted by user Oct 29, 2014

BEWARE don't come here if you need your vehicle repaired fast! Mine was here 45 days for a valve job.

If it was wasn't persistent and and efforts to attempt to sue him problem would have been longer. Quoted 1450.00 plus tax ending bill over 2100.00 and a lot of my time waisted .

Do not pay the 1/2 up front he only charges that so that then he can take his sweet time in hopes you take your car and he can stay with it for a so call tear down charge. Do your home work ask around before you choose your mechanic.

Review about: Vehicle Repair.

210 Motorsports - Simple Review #1414513493

San Antonio, Texas 0 comments
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Owner Vincen scammer, will not deliever on time, charged extra, had to send demand letters get my vehicle be completed. I would not recomend this shop. Customer beware!

210 Motorsports - Repair shop that takes your money to destroy your car

San Antonio, Texas 13 comments
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210 Motorsports of San Antonio Texas

This was absolutely the worst place I have ever done business in my life. My vehicle was here for 9 months and ended up having to be junked because of all of the damage. We took our car in just to simply fix the fuel pump and once we paid $400 cash (they said they would not take any other form of payment) we were then informed that there were other problems and that the car would not even crank up but we were told they would find the problem and fix it within a week. After a month of no return phone calls and many trips to the shop we finally got in contact with the owner who told us to just give him one more week, then just one MORE week until eventually those weeks turned into months. We were told everything from "we are waiting for a part to come in out of state" to "I had to fire everyone in my shop and it is just me working" (we were told that on two different occasions), to "we fixed that problem and now there are even more problems" and even at one point I was told by the owner that the car was completely fixed but the battery was dead so they needed to recharge the battery and to give him two more days. In two days we called back and now there was a new problem. Eventually after being told "Just one more week" for 9 months we went and demanded the keys. Once we were given the keys we went to take a look at the car and the car that just needed a new fuel pump was torn to pieces inside. Parts were missing, fuses and wires were exposed, floor panels were missing, and the car was destroyed. Total estimate to fix the damages that 210 Motorsports had done to the vehicle was over $2,000. With no other choice we had to scrap the car that our grandmother passed down to us (she was the only other owner that car ever had).

Basically we paid this company $400 to destroy our car. Maybe I am the *** one for trusting that this company would do the right thing and trying to hold off as long as possible before I took action but I still did not deserve this type of treatment. I would not even recommend this place to my worst enemy.

Review about: Fuel Pump Fix.



This guy Vince Owns owner of 210 Motorsports is a total crook and lunatic. I wish i would have research this company prior to taking my vehicle here.

Everything that's been said in all these reviews is happening to me. Do yourself a HUGE favor and take you vehicle some place else its all true.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #744550

I think that the responses from Vincent and his girlfriend are absolutely hilarious in the aspect that they assume no responsibility for anything yet there are other customers that say the same thing about his shop! I had the funds to pay for the car, after all I was not the one having a hard time even paying my phone bill especially for a supposed business that I was trying to run!

There are countless times that Vincent's phone was disconnected during all of this. My car was sitting at another shop 1 day before Vincent went to pick up it up and I have documents proving this! The only reason it was there for one day is because he was not able to have it towed until the following day. The money was never the issue or else I would have never paid the $400 in cash the day we were supposed to get the car!

Once we paid the $400 in cash and got in the car to drive it off is when WE (not that Vincent had the decency to let us know before hand) found out that the car wouldn't even start. Then and only then did he give us the list of other problems with the car! I have pictures of the damage to the car where you can see that it was gutted. Even when we got the keys back to the car there were parts taken from under the hood and the insides were completely torn apart.

Regardless this is over and done but NEVER would I ever recommend anyone to use this shop!

He is a definitely a thief! And apparently a liar as well!

to ***edinsanantonio #744715

Wish I saw your posts before I gave him money. Thanks for blasting him.

He just got me for 3100 and never did the job. Just filed in court. hopefully others see this before they give up the keys.

I added him to yelp If you would like to blast again.


Correction I was there during this time. And during the time we loaned you a vehicle.

Bottom line is you didn't have the funds to repair your car. We do not work for free. We don't have problems with customers who come to our facility to get there vehicles repaired, and try to work out deals or payment arrangements.

We are not a bank giving out loans. That why you had problems at the shop you had the vehicle at before us!

to Dora New Braunfels, Texas, United States #1219811

Well we have had NOTHING BUT problems dealing with Vincent and you. We paid for the work and still our job got pushed off in the back corner of your yard.

Also at that time we were having daily downpours and the windows were left down and all the lights were removed from the sides leaving holes for the rain to leak in. It took us bringing SAPD by your "shop" before you would do anything. We were promised that it would be tarped to stop any further water damage, but nothing was done. Then all that you did was move it out of the yard to the front of the building, but never worked on it.

After we filed the police report we were supposed to get weekly progress reports....nothing. It was supposed to be completed by July 1, 2016......nothing.

to Dora San Antonio, Texas, United States #1220410

If you are such an upstanding shop then why were you and the "owner" Vicente kicked out of the building you were in? Now yall are screwing people out of a cracker jack box...sad sad sad....what's the word....oh yeah!! KARMA


Upon first contacting Vince we never once informed him that the vehicle had been at any other shop for a year. We had not even had the vehicle for a year at this point. The vehicle had been at the other shop for 1 day (a full 24 hours by the time the tow truck from Vince's shop was there to pick up the car). They had given us an estimate of $800 to replace the fuel pump and so we did decide to go with Vince's price of $350. In the 9 months that our vehicle had been at 210 Motorsports we were never, not even once, contacted by any person that worked for that shop. I would personally have to contact Vince myself and he would change his number quiet frequently. We currently have 3 different telephone number that we have acquired for Vince over the period of 9 months and there were points in time that there were no working numbers for him. When we were made aware of having to replace the part for $200 (we were never quoted $250 and even the day we went to get the keys he requested $200) we told him we would look for the part as well and we called him several times and left messages on the voicemail and with employees until eventually that number stopped working as well. We also tried to reach the shop via e-mail when I was out of town and the e-mail returned back to "unable to deliver". We also made several visits to the shop and were told by the employees that Vince was not there but that they would have him give us a call but we never heard back from him. Vince made absolutely no effort to return any calls or to make any contact with us. He would give us excuses like his girlfriends daughter was beat up by her boyfriend so he had to take time off to go handle that, he was in the hospital, he fired everyone in his shop and now it was up to him and his girlfriend, and then even he fired everyone in his shop for screwing him over even his girlfried. At the time we were told the last story Vince explained to us that the guy that was supposed to be working on our vehicle actually had not been working on it so he promised to get it in the shop and devote his attention to it. When we returned to the shop a couple weeks later the vehicle had not even moved from the spot that it was in. Upon getting the keys back from Vince we had another mechanic take a look at the car and they quoted us a minimum of $2000 just to fix the things that were taken apart in the car. Even if we had given them time to put the panels back on the panels being back on would not have made any difference to the part missing and the wires that were pulled apart. I have pictures, phone records, receipts, and other information to back up everything I have put in my claim.

If the problem was us not making contact with the shop to let Vince know that we wanted to go forward with the repairs then I feel that he would have said this to us when we stopped by his shop once a week leading up to getting our keys back. Everytime we went up there we were given another excuse of why it was not done but not one time did he say there was action that needed to be taken on our part.

At all times we had the money to pay for the repairs however we were not going to give Vince any more money until the car was fixed. We had already paid for a part that was "replace" and we were not going to give any more money until the car was released back to us.

Also I would love to see a reciept for the fuel pump that was placed in my vehicle because when the salvage yard picked up the car I was later contacted by them to inform me that the fuel pump was not brand new although I did pay for a brand new fuel pump to be put in the car.

Also ma'am I appreciate your reply however you were not even at the shop when all of this started. We did not deal with you with this situation and it make be a better argument if you were to get your information correct before replying back. I have the paperwork showing the date that car was transfered into our name and I also have paperwork from the car shop stating the dates that the vehicle was at the facility. Along with these documents as mentioned earlier I also have phone records showing both incoming and outgoing calls to show exactly how many times we contacted the shop and how the shop never once tried to contact us not even just to return our phone call.

to Response San Antonio, Texas, United States #615173

All of what you have posted is false! About phone lines and employees..

All false! Just like earlier stated you had no money to fix the 1984 Volvo. And the car had been sitting for a long while before it entered my shop. The vehicle had multiple problems before it arrived to my shop.

And the additional money requested was for the computer which you were given the option to buy yourself, and we would have installed it for free. I didn't want your money, I wanted your vehicle out of my shop. Because you started complaining about the cost to fix it early on. If you can't afford repairs to your vehicle then don't take it to a shop and expect them to do everything free.

You were a craigslist customer looking for the big bargain. We have problems with only those customers who can't afford there repairs.

And we are not in the business to work for free. And if you are going to post things about a business on here you should try to be honest and have some integrity.

to Vincent ( The Owner) San Antonio, Texas, United States #736595

With all due respect" but the owner vincent is a THEIF!!!!

Take ur veichles else where!! Trust ive experienced everything these people have gone thru!!

to Vincent ( The Owner) #744542

How do you explain the jobs paid cash up front and car not completed. Also claiming parts are bad that are not.

to Vincent ( The Owner) San Antonio, Texas, United States #1220414

This guy is as rude as you can get. He also runs and hides when you bring SAPD along to get a "completion date", so you and SAPD have to deal with the real owner "Dora". They apparently don't care about keeping deadlines because we were promised a date that was recorded in the police report, and it's been 3 months since....CONSUMER BEWARE!!!


To whom it may Concern:

On or about May 6th 2011 we were contacted by Customer concerning a 1991 Volvo 940. It was explained to us that the vehicle was at another shop for repairs, and that the vehicle had been there for about a year.

We were told that the repair shop had informed them that the vehicle need to have the fuel pump replaced, and that they were going to charge approximately $1000.00 to do so. We were asked how much we would charge to replace the fuel pump at our facility, and we informed Customer that we could replace the fuel pump for approximately $350.00. Customer asked if we could have the vehicle towed from the other repair facility to ours for the repairs. After receiving the vehicle at the shop, we tested the vehicles fuel pump.

We found that the fuel pump was not working. We then removed the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump, and at the same time replaced the fuel filter. Once the parts were installed we attempted to start the vehicle, at which time we found that the fuel pump was now working. But the vehicle still would not run.

After checking over the vehicle, we found that in numerous places on the vehicle that the electrical system had been tampered with. And that various electrical components we missing. We then contacted Customer and informed him about what we had found on his vehicle. Customer then asked how much it would cost to repair the electrical issues on the vehicle, and we informed him that if he came in and paid for the repairs to the vehicle in the amount of $370.99 that we would not charge him for diagnosing the electrical issues.

At which time Customer agreed to do so. Customer came to the shop and paid the charges against his vehicle. We then began our electrical diagnosis on the vehicle, and found wiring harnesses, electrical relays and fuses missing on the vehicle. We informed Customer of the problems that we had found, and informed him that we would have to travel to the salvage yard to get these parts due to the fact that the vehicle was older.

Customer agreed and informed us that he did not want to spend too much money on the vehicle. Customer also informed us that if it was going to cost too much that he would just sell the car for salvage. Customer was informed that since the vehicle was older and the fact that it was a Volvo that these parts would be difficult to locate. He was has informed that it would take some time to do so.

After locating a similar vehicle in the salvage yard, we retrieved the parts needed to start the electrical repairs. Upon repairing all of the electrical issues that we had found up to that point, we attempted to start vehicle. At which time the vehicle still did not start. We then checked the vehicle again to determine what other problems existed, and found that the Engine control module was not functioning properly.

We then informed Customer of the remaining repairs needed. We also informed him that finding the engine control module for his vehicle used was going to be very difficult since they are vehicle specific. At which time he asked for the part information so that he could try to locate it himself. We informed him that we would also try to locate the part also.

After some time had passed Customer informed us that he was unable to locate the part himself, and ask if we could continue to look for the engine control module. We informed him that we would attempt to locate the part needed. Again after some time we located the part needed, and contacted Customer to inform him that the engine control module had been located. We informed him that the part would cost him $250.

He informed us that he would call us back to let us know if he wanted to move forward with these repairs. Again sometime had passed, and Customer contacted us and asked if we had gotten the part. At which time we explained to him we were waiting for his authorization. Customer then told us to order the part, and that he would bring the $250 by later to cover the cost of the part.

The part was ordered and received, but we never received payment for the part. So the repairs stopped. We have spent and absorbent amount of time on this vehicle, and the customer was never charged for this time. Customer on numerous occasions expressed his concern about whether the vehicle was worth repairing.

When Customer came in to get the key, he did not give us time to put back the panels which were removed to diagnose and repair the electrical components. He also informed us that he was going to have the salvage yard pick the vehicle up.

to Dora San Antonio, Texas, United States #736597

I agree i had my grandmother have her car repaired by them for a tune up and came out to be a 380$ job.!!! Really"!! Apparently the car had a bad ignition coil" right!!!!

A car that has never had problems and has been driven for 15 years to church and back home!! As i observed VINCENT"s shop....the guy still uses floor jacks and jack stands. U would think he would be able to afford a 4 post car lift. What a Shame!!

Dont trust "210 motorsports" (vincent). Motorsports shouldnt even be the name of his shop... 24 hour handy man or something!!! A real motorsports shop would be

( Mike Murillo ) Motorsports Performance in S.A... Think about it people he made a 82 year old grandma pay for something that didnt need replacement!! Ohh and they wont give u the old part!!! THEIFFF!!!!!!!

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